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After installation, connecting to Data Truck Internet Service is easy! We deliver all configuration information directly to your computer or router via DHCP so you don't need to worry about setting IP address, default gateway, or DNS settings. Simply plug your computer or router into our modem and you're ready to go.

For customers with specific needs, we can provide static IP addresses either via static DHCP or manual IP configuration. Contact us for more details.

We provide an ethernet connection and all information needed to access the Internet. Because every installation is different, we do not perform the connection between our service and your computer or network. We can refer you to Local Retail/Service Providers if you are unable to make the connection on your own, but a new connection is typically "plug and play" for almost any computer or router.

A single PC containing a NIC (Network Interface Card) may be connected directly to our modem using the cable that we provide. If you don't use a router, we recommend using a software firewall such as Windows Firewall (XP/Vista) or ZoneAlarm, a free software firewall available from ZoneLabs.

If you plan to connect more than one computer to our service, we recommend the use of a router. Typical Small-Office/Home-Office routers are capable of connecting 2 or more computers to your Data Truck internet service. See the Local Retailer/Service Providers section of this site for local resellers of routers, such as the LinkSys wired and wireless series, which are extremely easy to set up.


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